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Montclair, California - June 10, 2011

CaseCruzer - GunCruzer Universal M16 12-Pack Gun Case Innovates Rifle Transport for Military, Law Enforcement and Private Security Firms

New gun carrying case is mobile, lightweight and includes lifetime guarantee

CaseCruzer announces a new alliance with military, private military corporations and security firms that transport multiple rifles. The Universal M16-12-Pack Gun Case has been engineered for quick deployment during critical mission operations. And its two-half design also allows the carrying case to serve as a mobile firearms rack.

The Universal M16-12-Pack Gun Case can also solve operational logistics for local law enforcement agencies. The unit complies with stringent federal regulations that require four padlock flanges on all rifle cases. These are the same security precautions used for international travel, as our military and the privatized military industry expand its services to protect economic and strategic interests worldwide.

Fortunately, the heavy-duty wheels on this gun case make it easy for one man to swiftly move 12 rifles in any terrain. And CaseCruzer reusable rifle transport solutions enjoy the same lifetime guarantee offered by Pelican cases.

Both halves of the GunCruzer gun case are detachable and include copolymer brackets with rubber-cushioned slots for M16 or M4 rifles. These elastomers protect against impact and the harmful aspects of vibration. The cushion padded interior safeguards the barrel and butt-end of each firearm and keeps them from shifting back and forth while in transit.
Rifles never come in contact with each other or with the hard structure of the case.

All rifles are positioned in a downward fashion, which precludes loading magazines or mounting scopes while in transit. When the two halves of the carrying case are padlocked together, rifles stored in both sections do not touch.

To ensure that rifles are protected on every axis, a cushioned arm with hinge lies across the rifles and then padlocks to prevent the risk of bouncing while in turbulent conditions. When the case is opened, the arm also swings out so that personnel have easy access to firearms when unloading. The fully-padded arm, protective rubber slots and other features, such as the lightweight construction, reveal why the Universal M16-12-Pack Gun Case is a significant upgrade of the former 1780 HL case.

Like all Pelican cases, the GunCruzer 12-pack is airtight, watertight and dustproof. A humidity gauge changes color when conditions rise above 40 percent. The universal case weighs only 49 lbs., a considerable weigh difference from the older version. It is also DEF STAN 81-41 and STANAG 4280 certified. Exterior dimensions: 44.90"L x 25.32"W x 16.50"H. Available colors: tan or black.

Although CaseCruzer continues to serve federal government agencies and the American military by engineering secure, innovative transport solutions, the need for reliable gear is expanding in the billion-dollar privatized military industry and among security contractors. In fact, private military contractors are the second largest force in Iraq.

CaseCruzer gun cases protect firearms so that military and law enforcement personnel can continue to protect this nation and its citizens worldwide.



M16 12 Pack Deployment Gun Case
M16 12 Pack Deployment Gun Case
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