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The M4 GunCruzer hard-shell gun cases are designed to accommodate the M4 A1 carbine with or without the M203 grenade launcher and multiple 30 round magazines – an overseas deplyoment requirement for combat units.  Many case configurations will also accomodate the M9 Beretta pisto or the Sig Sauer P228. The custom foam interiors are made out of high-density closed-cell Polyethylene foam bed making it easy to clean, yet impervious to solvents and chemical attacks.  The lid’s interior cushion is egg-crate-style convoluted foam.
All GunCruzer gun cases report for duty with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.


AR Rifle Case 4 Pack

  M4 M16 Gun Case   Universal KR model M4 / M16 gun case - accommodates one weapon, such as the M4 or the M16 rifle, plus one handgun such as the M9 or the P228   2n2 GunPOD Universal Gun Case   The 2N2 GunPOD gun case will safely store a total of two scoped rifles (or shotguns) plus two handguns. Just pack it all up in the new GunCruzer Universal gun case and wheel it to your destination  
  3N3 GunPOD Gun Case The 3N3 GunPOD holds (3) rifles and (3) handguns with room for storage.   M4 - 4 Pack Gun Case   4 Pack M4 gun case makes U.S Armed Forces Deployment Quick & Easy  
  M4 - M9 Gun Case   M4 Carbine & M9 Pistol combination Carrying Case with storage space for magazines.   M4 Single Gun Case   M4 Single Carbine Gun Case with storage space for magazines.  
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