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CaseCruzer 2010 Back-to-Basics Christmas Tip:
No Recession in Hunting Community

CaseCruzer was surprised to learn that spending on hunting gear continues to be strong, despite the economic recession. The trend was reported by the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

On second thought, it makes perfect sense. When times are tough, Americans typically get back to basics. And what is more basic to survival that hunting for food?

This Christmas CaseCruzer wishes all hunters, sportsmen and their families good health and a freezer full of wild fowl and venison.

But remember, safety precautions are essential to any back-to-basics movement. If you’re more eager than ever to bring home a holiday turkey or deer, don’t scrimp on secure, reusable carrying cases for your rifles and hunting handguns.

That doesn’t mean you have to spend top dollar. This year CaseCruzer introduced the KR-50 long rifle case for hunters who travel with multiple rifles or shotguns. It costs less than competing firearm cases, but we guarantee that it is built to survive the long haul. The airtight & watertight KR-50 arrives with an unconditional lifetime warrantee.

The tough KR-50 can transport rifles up to 50-inches in length. And it is roomy, so you can bring along shotguns, hunting handguns and scoped rifles with magazines.

Best of all, the gun case can be secured with padlocks. Now how basic is that?

This holiday, follow the trend. CaseCruzer.


KR50 gun case by GunCruzer
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Universal Pistol Case -  6 Pack
  6 Pack Universal Gun Case Safeguards and protects handguns for Collectors, Sportsmen and Law Enforcers

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