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The M4 GunCruzer hard-shell gun cases are designed to accommodate the M4 A1 carbine with or without the M203 grenade launcher and multiple 30 round magazines – an overseas deplyoment requirement for combat units.  Many case configurations will also accomodate the M9 Beretta pisto or the Sig Sauer P228. The custom foam interiors are made out of high-density closed-cell Polyethylene foam bed making it easy to clean, yet impervious to solvents and chemical attacks.  The lid’s interior cushion is egg-crate-style convoluted foam.
All GunCruzer gun cases report for duty with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.

    Universal KR model M4 / M16 gun case - accommodates one weapon, such as the M4 or the M16 rifle, plus one handgun such as the M9 or the P228     The 2N2 GunPOD gun case will safely store a total of two scoped rifles (or shotguns) plus two handguns. Just pack it all up in the new GunCruzer Universal gun case and wheel it to your destination  


4 Pack M4 gun case makes U.S Armed Forces Deployment Quick & Easy     M4 Single Carbine Gun Case with storage space for magazines.  
    M4 Carbine & M9 Pistol combination Carrying Case with storage space for magazines.        
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