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The GunCruzer line of hard gun cases ends the long wait for a dependable, indestructible means of transporting a wide variety of weapons. Ready and able to go behind enemy lines for critical rescue or covert missions, these gun cases are now being used in many abusive applications particular to the U.S. Armed Forces and law enforcement agencies. Designed for tough terrains and hostile environments, the GunCruzer cases are indestructible and fitted with an impermeable seal that is 100 percent watertight; it is also airtight, dust- and corrosion-proof, and can float. All GunCruzer gun cases report for duty with an unconditional lifetime guarantee.
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quick draw universal handgun 6 pack case   Shooting Range Handgun Cases 5 Pack   Range Handgun Case  
Magnum Handgun 6 Pack Case

Quick Draw Universal Handgun Case safely transports six handguns with storage space for 12 magazines.

Transport pistols with the 5 Pack Shooting Range Handgun Case.

This Shooting Range Handgun Case holds 4 pistols with room for range essentials.

The Magnum Shooting Range Handgun Case was developed to hold 6 larger pistols with room for accessories.

Prepper Quick Draw Handgun Case   Race Gun Competition Case   2n2 GunPOD Universal Gun Case   M4 M16 Gun Case

The Prepper Handgun Case protects 2 pistols with room for magazines and more.
The Race Gun Competition Case will hold 2 pistols with or without scope and magwell. Also features compartment for gear and magazines.
The 2N2 GunPOD gun case will safely store a total of two scoped rifles (or shotguns) plus two handguns. Just pack it all up in the new GunCruzer Universal gun case and wheel it to your destination.

Universal KR model M4 / M16 gun case - safely stores one weapon, such as the M4 or the M16 rifle, as well as many handgun brands and sizes, including the M9 and M11 (or P228)


KR10-GUN   KR20 gun case   KR50 Gun Case   1700 Gun Case

Case inside dimensions: 36.56" L x 14.50" W x 6.00 " H
Case Inside Dimensions:
42.50" L x 14.50" W x 5.50" H
Case Inside Dimensions: 50.50" L x 14.50" W x 6.00 " H
Case Inside Dimensions: 35.88"L x 13.88"W x 1.75"H Lid over 3.50"H Base
1720 Gun Case   1750 Gun Case        

Case Inside Dimensions: 42"L x 13.50"W x 5.25"H
Case Inside Dimensions: 50.62"L x 13.50"W x 1.62" Lid  over 3.38" Base


M4 - M16 Universal Gun Case   M4 Single Gun Case   M4 - 4 Pack Gun Case   M4 - M9 Gun Case

Universal KR model M4 / M16 gun case - holds one gun, like the M4, M16, or AR 15,  and also one handgun  such as a M9 Beretta, SW 1911, SIG Sauer (228, 226), Glock.
Gun Case for M4 Single Carbine
with space for magazines.

M4 - 4 Pack gun case
was designed to ease the process of deployment.

M4 - M9 Gun Case holds one M4 & 7 to 9 magazine, and one handgun (you select the model: M9 Beretta, SW1911 or SS228) & 3 magazines.


M16 12 Pack Gun Case   M16 Double Gun Case   M16 - M9 Double Gun Case   M16 - M9 - NVG Gun Case

M16 & M4 12 pack deployment gun case (also fits Remington 870 shotguns)
M16 Double Gun Case protects two M16 rifles and provides room for magazines.
M16 - M9 Double Gun case
- transports two M16's, two sidearms (M9 or M11) and 18 magazines.
M16 - M9 - NVG gun case
accommodates one M16 rifle, one M9 handgun and Night Vision Goggles with storage space for magazines.
M16 - Single Gun Case   M16 - M9 Combo Gun Case   M16 - 6 Pack Gun Case  

M16 single case
holds one M16 rifle and 7 magazines.
M16 - M9 combo case
accommodates one M16 rifle and one M9 handgun with room for 7 magazines for the M16 and 3 for the M9.

Case holds six M16 rifles
(no storage for magazine clips).


KR Series M240 Gun Case   KR Series M249 SAW Gun Case    

Machine gun case
holds one M240B and one spare barrel with space for accessories.
M249 SAW gun case
transports one M249 SAW with one spare barrel and 2 magazines.


Remington 700 Universal Gun Case   Remington 870 6 Pack Case   Remington 7.62mm M24 Sniper Rifle Case  

Case holds one Remington 700
with room for storage.

Remington 870 Case
holds six Remington 870 shotguns.

Rifle Case holds the Remington 7.62mm M24 Sniper Rifle.



SOPMOD Single Rifle Case   M4 SOPMOD Carbine & M9 Beretta Pistol Case   M4 SOPMOD & M9 6 Pack Gun Case   M4 SOPMOD 6 Pack Case

SOPMOD single case accommodates one M4 SOPMOD and 7 magazines.
Gun Case transports one M4 SOPMOD Carbine and one M9 handgun. Storage space holds 7 magazines for the M4 SOPMOD and 3 magazines for the M9 handgun.
M4 SOPMOD & M9 gun case
holds six M4 SOPMODS and six handguns.
M4 SOPMOD 6 pack case protects six (6) M4 rifles with their M203 Grenade Launcher and their top mounted optics attached.


Handgun Case 6 Pack   Universal 6 Pack Pistol Case
  Universal 5 Pack Pistol Case  

Quick Draw Universal Handgun Case protects six handguns and 12 magazines.
Universal Gun Case
protects six handguns and 12 magazines.

Univeral Pistol Case
allows for transportation of five handguns and 10 magazines.

M9 single pistol case   M9 Double Case   M9 5 Pack Case   M9 10 Pack

M9 single case holds one M9 Pistol with room for 3 magazines.
M9 Double Gun Case
transports two M9 handguns with storage space for 6 magazines.

M9 - 5 Pack Case transports five M9 handguns (without storage for magazines).
Gun case fits ten M9 hanguns (no storage for magazine clips).
M9 12 Pack   M9 24 Pack   M9 36 Pack  

Case holds 12 M9's with storage space for 12 magazines.
Gun case for 24 M9 Berettas and 24 extra magazine clips.
M9 Thirty-six pack gun case protect 36 M9 handguns with 36 magazine clips.
Glock 19 Pistol Case   Glock 17 Pistol Case        

Glock 19 Pistol Case
transport 1 pistol and 3 magazines.
Glock 17 Pistol Case
protects 1 handgun and 3 magazines.
Sig Sauer 228 Single   SW 1911 Single Case    

Sig Sauer 228 - Single Case
protects one Sig Sauer 228 and comes with storage space for 3 magazines.
SW 1911 - Single Case
accommodates one Smith & Wesson 1911 handgun and 3 magazines.

KR1209-04   APP-1400   APP-1450   KR1510-06

Case inside dimensions: 12.00" L x 9.00" W x 4.50" H
Handgun case inside store space measures 12.12 " L x 9.12 " W x
5.15 " H
Case inside dimensions: 15.00 "L x 10.50 "W x
6.00 "H
Case inside dimensions: 15.00" L x 10.38" W x 6.00" H
APP-1500   APP-1520   KR1914-08    

Usable space of case measures: 17.00 "L x 11.43 "W x 6.00 "H
Case fits most handguns. Interior dimensions.: 17.88 "L x 12.75 "W x 6.63 "H
Case inside dimensions: 19.00" L x 14.50" W x 8.00" H
GunCruzer is the choice for safe transport and protection of U.S. military guns, weapons and command technology. The elite line of GunCruzer hard cases is a division of CaseCruzer, a world leader in reusable, carrying case solutions. When survival and success on a budget is your mission, think GunCruzer. We guarantee it – for life.  
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